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Mr. O’Connor

I want to express our thanks to you for your assistance. We served a roast beef dinner all day on Sunday to nearly two thousand people. In using your cooked beef, we were able to save a tremendous amount of cooking and preparing time. We found that there was no waste (fat) to be cut off the beef and heating time saved us both time and money.


Jo A.

Bazaar/Lawn Chairman


Dear Jerry,

Congratulations on your success in developing a new product that helps Executive Chefs like me to serve beef entrees without the usual mess and other related problems.

I feel your concept of a “Natural” Roast Beef, Prime Rib and Steaks results in consistently done meat. It also solves the problem of “over and undercooking”, using expensive help to do prep and messy clean-up.

I recognize that many will have a resistance to your beef – only because they are used to what is available in the market place now, i.e. beef injected, rubbed with caramel rub and cooked in a bag in water.

Your “Natural” beef I is roasted the way a professional chef would – in the oven! The quality is outstanding and to just to heat and serve is very convenient.


Max B.



Mr. O’Connor

I am the mother of 15-month-old twin boys and my daily cooking time is limited. The Denver Meat Company dry roasted pork that we served was absolutely wonderful! Not only were the preparation and cooking time ideal for us, but the boys ate the pork that I was hoping to have for leftovers the following day. Each of our boys has few teeth and yet the meat was so tender that our boys were eating the pork as quickly as I was cutting it for them. The Denver Meat Company clearly provides quick, healthy, flavorful, and most of all, moist meat which is essential when learning to chew meat!

Patricia N

Housewife and Mother


Dear Jerry,

The Home Replacement Meat segment of upscale and natural Delicatessens is one of the largest growing segments of the business.  I feel we could break the mold of HRM meals with a focus on creating Holiday and Party packages that exceeded expectations.  The prime rib dinner was a selection that met the criteria for multiple holidays throughout the year – Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Here are the reasons I feel your product will fit customer high standards:

  • All natural
  • Easy to reheat, instructions that work for any kitchen appliance
  • No warmed over flavor
  • Packaged for store operation ease
  • Consistent color/temperature of doneness
  • Consistent sizing

Jerry I feel your product is a great fit for home applications.


James B

Culinary Chef


Dear Jerry,

My father was in the wholesale and retail meat business in Iowa all his adult life. So I can reliably say I have already enjoyed far more than my share of the flavor of top-grade beef in my lifetime. Thank you for acquainting me with your new dry-roasted boneless USDA choice prime rib. I have enjoyed it now on two occasions.

Your all natural dry-roasted beef product has that delicious “all natural” flavor. As you well know the USDA definition of natural is minimally processed with no artificial ingredients and your product is exactly that! The full natural flavor of dry roasted beef, without injected fluids and condiments, has no “warmed over” taste whatsoever when reheated. This product is a gourmet delight to enjoy.

William D

Vise President Honeywell (Ret.)


Mr.  O’Connor

I am writing you to let you know how wonderful your Prime Rib is to serve at parties. I am an event planner and also like to call myself a gourmet cook. I often have dinner parties and will typically plan a complex meal. With your dry roasted Prime Rib, I was able to take the worry out of having the main course perfectly done, and instead was able to focus on preparing all the sides. My guest complimented me on how juicy and flavorful the meat was not to mention it was cooked medium rare, the way my guests prefer. By simply seasoning and heating the roast I was able to take the worry of cooking.

Thank you so much for making my life that much easier! I appreciate your services and feel it was well worth it. I know what I’ll be serving my family for Christmas this year. I will also be referring your business to chefs I know for future events.


Carrie M

Event Manager


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