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The Denver Meat Company’s natural dry roasted cooked meat products are prepared the same way an Executive Chef and food service manager would cook them – in an oven!  The DMC products are of a unique quality that is tasteful, tender, and physically attractive with good storage stability; they are consistent with each other so the consumer will have the same experience every time they enjoy the product.  Since the products are only cooked, they are chemical-free and not exposed to pathogens by injections of needles into the product. In summary, consumers will enjoy the benefits of pure meat products produced in a safe, responsible manner.

The advantages of DMC’s products over the existing meat-packer cooking process are:

· Our products are 100% pure meat.  We use no injections, no additives, and no flavoring.
· They have received natural designation by USDA standards (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients).
· They have a delicious, just-cooked flavor every time whether heated in an oven, on a grill, or in a microwave.
· Cooked to the same doneness from end to end no matter the size of meat.
· Tenderized through dry-roasting.
Gourmet Prime Rib
~ Cut into this perfectly-roasted, rare Prime Rib and every slice is done to perfection.
Roast Beef
~ A perfect rare roast for carving stations, French dip sandwiches and all typical applications.  Bursting with its natural juices!
Smoked Brisket
~ Smoked to tender perfection.
Boneless Pork Shoulder Butt
~ Simply add seasonings and sauce and you have the ideal pulled pork for empanadas, burritos, sandwiches, eggrolls, etc.
Lamb: Rack and Leg
~ Special Order Only



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