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In the early 1920’s, the beautiful Gas Creek Valley near Nathrop, Colorado became home to Eugene and Antoinette O’Connor.  They purchased a 320-acre ranch and were blessed to raise 7 children at the base of majestic Mt. Princeton.  Robert “Jerry” O’Connor was their youngest child and he cherished the life his parents lovingly provided.

 The O’Connor Ranch was over 7500 feet above sea level and enjoyed fresh and abundant mountain water from the neighboring Collegiate Peaks; it was an unspoiled environment.  However, despite its prime location, work on the ranch was not easy, and long hours from dawn to dusk were required.  Winter months were most challenging with extreme cold and snow, making the work even more difficult and burdensome.  But there was a large family to support, so the work got done regardless of the elements.

For over 20 years, Jerry, his parents and siblings tended to over 2000 head of sheep on the ranch at any given time. Then the Forest Service put limits on the number of sheep that could graze, so the family switched to tending cattle.  It proved to be a good move: the O’Connor’s hard work and the ranch’s natural environment provided some of the highest-quality cattle and livestock available.  The family and their “OK-Bar” brand became well-known in the industry.

Though known for their cattle, the O’Connor family was also known for its integrity: hard work, dedication and a strong commitment to character were the daily approach to life.  It was integrity upon which they built their family business, and it is integrity upon which Jerry built his own.

In June, 2001 Jerry O’Connor founded Denver Meat Company (DMC) and conducted extensive research with various Universities in the area of healthy meat production, After that research, Jerry started operations in 2009. In total, Jerry brings over 25 years experience creating and leading the healthy cooked meat industry as well as the ideals learned since childhood. Using his proprietary method of dry-roasted cooking, his products are used exclusively in installations that had previously not accepted a cooked meat product. These products have been sold through regional distributors to exclusive food service operations worldwide.

Denver Meat Company is believed to be the only meat company in the United States that produces a dry-roasted cooked meat product that is unadulterated (no seasonings or surface rub, no water, chemical or tenderizing injections) – just 100% pure meat, with 100% meat flavor.

Since its inception, Denver Meat Company has one Vision: Produce the first safe, wholesome, premium, delicious, convenient, cost-saving natural cooked-meat products to executive chefs, foodservice operators and consumers that will change the face of the meat industry as we know it today.

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