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International All Americas Food and Beverage Show

International All Americas Food and Beverage Show

Oct 7, 2012

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Jerry O’Connor, President of Denver Meat Company recently attended the International All Americas Food and Beverage Show in Miami, Florida September 24 and 25.
The show had over 7,000 attendees and over 400 exhibitors from the United States, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe and Euroasia.
The show provided Mr. O’Connor the opportunity to meet processors, distributors, exporters and traders to discuss the unique DMC “Natural” Dry-oven Roasted meat products. He described the advantage of this Chef Quality, pure, unadulterated cooked meat that simply has to be heated, not cooked by customers in other countries, alleviating the need to train skilled or semi-skilled kitchen workers.
He received very positive responses from attendees, especially those who want a ready to serve “natural” cooked meat product with DMC’s “just cooked flavor” without sodium, seasonings and chemicals.
In addition, he explained the additional advantage of lower shipping and tariff costs with DMC cooked meat since it is 100% useable without the typical cost from trimming raw meat and the 30% plus weight loss from shrinkage when cooked by the customer.

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